WELCOME to the children’s ministry of Pacific Hills!

Weekly, we gather with children to reach, guide, and teach them about the amazing God we worship!  Leaders and volunteers serve together in sharing the gospel, developing spiritual awareness, and guiding spiritual formation in the lives of children and families.  Changing times call for new and fresh ideas to serving children in order to enhance the experience of “church.”  However, Jesus’ words speak to all trends and approaches.  His call is simple and transcending, solid and experiential.  It is to follow Him, find truth, and fish for others.  Our ministry goal is to respond to the call by serving children, families and each other.




Through our activities, playtime, music and movement, play and age-appropriate learning shapes the foundation for our toddlers.



Through creative and interactive learning, kids review biblical truths and develop thinking skills that will teach them what following Christ is all about.


AGES 3-5

We welcome preschoolers into a classroom setting that offers a combination of free play and structured learning in order teach concrete facts about Christ and Christian living.



We have a special, dedicated program for students in this grade range. It is called Anchored Junior Youth Program.
Please click here to visit it.

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