• The february 2012 release of WP Avatar, combines extensive functionality and power with great visual appeal. The theme offers a range of unique and stunning style variation features, with unlimited color variations.
  • WP Avatar is a truly unique wordpress template in terms of features. It has an amazingly unique framework which allows it to be tailored to a Blog, Portfolio, Creative, Business or almost any other kind of website one can imagine.
  • In WP Avatar's extensive portfolio customization options, you can have unlimited portfolio pages. For each of these pages, there is an option to select the thumbnail styles, effects and even the aspect ratios. These thumbnails are auto generated and the no. of thumbnails to be shown on each page can also be configured easlily. Customizing your portfolio pages could not have been more fun than now.
  • WP Avatar features powerful short codes for content styling and formatting. This includes short codes for dividers, column layouts, image frames, message boxes, preset and custom buttons, drop-caps, pull-quotes & block-quotes. There are also shortcodes to embed youtuve videos, tables, tabs & accordions and upto 27 different list styles.
  • WP Avatar fully search engine optimized due to its:
    • Compact coding style
    • Clean xhtml/css layout
    • Strategic usage of h1 to h6 headings
    • Main content always appears before the sidebars code, irrespective of the position of the sidebar on left or right.

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